Alejandro Sanz presenta Mares de Miel un nuevo adelanto de su próximo álbum


In his new album,  Alejandro Sanz  ventures into unexpected contours of expression, but also refines the creative model that has made him a reference in popular music worldwide. «Mares de miel» is the best example of that ability to transform its own standards based on the essential rudiments of the song, a format that in expert hands does not understand limits or restrictions. In this new work by the Madrilenian –produced by Alfonso Pérez with  Alejandro Sanz  and Javier Limón; mixed by Peter Walsh– we find ten compositions dominated by that renewing attitude.

“Mares de miel” advances unstoppably on the rails of a brilliant melody, propelled by a rhythm of flamenco substratum that does not need to force the southern accent. Sanz manages the powers of the score with intelligence. It doses the mystery of a suggestive letter that pinches close to the heart, before exploding in one of those refrains that stick to the first one. But the thing does not end there, because afterwards it develops a subtle harmonic plot with metal arrangements that –without out-of-tone or excessive underlining– accompanies us on the way to the ethereal  fade-out.  Thus, in the clouds, this song ends, which represents another milestone in a repertoire like  Sanz’s., punctuated by many fundamental staves that his North American fans will enjoy live during the tour that will take him through the United States throughout the month of October.  

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