Alejandro Sanz  expands his particular

 battlefield with  “Bio” , the kilometer zero of his new album. He could put on automatic pilot or abandon himself to the inertia of the prestige harvested during three decades of uninterrupted conquest, but he prefers to articulate a surprising exercise in expressive freedom driven by the word and dressed with piano, strings and acoustics that come together in a final stanza unrelated to doubles. readings. What you hear is what you get. Neither cheat nor cardboard.

At this point in his intense life career, the Madrid musician continues to be guided by the acute artistic instinct that brought him here. He knows the profession of songwriting in depth, but is willing to be surprised by them. In  «Bio» , an authentic declaration of intentions and concerns, he synthesizes the ingredients of the composition until they are reduced to their essence, doing a meaningful memory exercise that astonishes for its introspective depth. The song is served to us practically raw, without hiding the acrid flavors, but anyone can see themselves reflected in this emotional vital inventory – fatigue, happiness, illusions, disappointments – that  Sanz  uses as the battering ram of a work called to leave a mark, which includes ten new songs produced by Alfonso Pérez with Alejandro Sanz  and Javier Limón, plus the expert mixing work signed by Peter Walsh.

Recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – his work has global reach, his followers number in the millions, his songbook is part of the collective memory and he has collaborated with the most recognized artists throughout such a fruitful career -,  Alejandro Sanz  returns to the stage on October 8. It is the start date of a tour that will take you to 12 cities in the United States throughout the month and in which you will put on a fabulous show.